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Valley Sports Zone

406 - 44550 South Sumas Rd., Chilliwack

Phone: 604 846-2012



Valley Sports Zone is locally owned and operated. Our founders were born and raised in Chilliwack. We provide Zone Training classes that are scientifically designed to improve an athlete's performance as well as reduce the risk of injury while playing sports. Dedicated to enhancing athletic performance, this system integrates a comprehensive individual training program tailored to each athlete and sport. By focusing on speed, acceleration and movement training to enhance all areas of athletic performance, the program's goal is not simply to get in shape, but to improve your overall skill and performance. The concept behind our program is to train the body beyond its normal capacity, allowing the athlete to get the most out of training while having fun with our interactive instant feedback approach. Each athlete will be evaluated for functional movement, power, speed, agility and sport-specific conditioning. Once we identify the strengths and limiting factors of each individual we prescribe and implement a comprehensive training program. We believe in giving back to the community. With the cutbacks of funding in school sports the fitness of our youth, adults and overall community are #1 concern.

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