Benefits of CrossFit

She is one of the most famous athletes in Canada, who has qualified for the national weightlifting championships and is also a great CrossFit expert who influences thousands of youngsters. We are talking about Camille Leblanc-Bazinet! If you are inspired by her example and want to know what exactly is CrossFit, read on.

CrossFit is not just another physical exercise format, but also a highly competitive fitness sport. It has a mix of exercises including gymnastics, aerobics and Olympic weightlifting. Some of them are as follows:

Fast and intense

The strength and fitness program aims to give all parts of your body an optimal workout so you can stay strong and healthy. CrossFit is action-packed and intense, and will take barely 15 minutes of your time every day. The intensity more than makes up for the duration of the workout session. You could perform a jog, a couple of squats and burpees in good time, which is enough to keep you in good shape.

A session of CrossFit helps you push yourself constantly, and to put in a lot of effort unlike other boring regimens at the gym. Because of the varied exercises that it involves, you are bound to feel alert and will not get into a rut from the same old exercise routines. There are workouts of the day or WOD formats which help you follow a certain schedule.

Competitive spirit

An interesting aspect of CrossFit is that it builds a sense of community and bonding. A good session of CrossFit helps you stay competitive, in a friendly manner. It also helps you to set standards and be answerable to yourself. When you keep score and exchange notes with others, there is a sense of community and bonding. A session of CrossFit not only makes your strong, but also keeps you mentally fit.

However, the best part about CrossFit is that it is not designed for merely hardcore athletes, wrestlers or competitive sportspersons, but for everybody. In that sense, it is a universally implementable program.

CrossFit's WOD can be practised at home, and you don't need any heavy-duty equipment for the same. There are many online resources, videos and descriptions that can help you practise. Or you could also initially train with an instructor and then practise at home on your own. Marathon runners, cyclists and swimmers can all use CrossFit for both mental and physical endurance.