Benefits of regular exercise

Regular physical exercise provides a healthy mind in addition to a healthy body. Exercising reduces health risks such as obesity and heart disease substantially. One of the best things about exercising is that it is free. You need not join a gym in order to work out; you could just put on your pair of running shoes and you're all set to go for a jog or a speed walk. Spending as little as four hours a week exercising can tone your body, boost energy, and make you feel more confident about yourself. Exercise also has a calming effect on the mind. As such, you are able to think clearly, getting a better perspective on various scenarios. Playing tennis, football, and other sports regularly can be a great form of exercise that's fun too!

Contribution to health

Evidence has shown that people who had taken up some form of regular exercise in their young age, including household activities such as mowing the lawn or walking the dog, grew up to be healthy and happy in their middle and old age. The health benefits of exercise are numerous. A few of them are: reduced depression, low risk of colon and breast cancer, increased stamina, high rate of metabolism, and reduction of weight.

Risks of not exercising regularly

Not taking up any physical activity may not seem harmful in the beginning, but in due time, the ill effects of not exercising certainly catches up. Just as regular exercising reduces health risks, a lifestyle that doesn't include physical activity tends to do the opposite. It increases the chances of unhealthy lipid storage in the body, diabetes, and lung disease, to name a few.

What are some exercises that a beginner can take up?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to exercising. For beginners, simply walking in the beach or jogging in the park can prove to be immensely helpful. Taking up aerobics, dancing, playing badminton with a friend, bicycling, or even taking your pet for its daily walk can greatly improve health when done regularly. With time, you can either choose to steadily increase your work out intensity or continue to exercise moderately.

The bottom line

Exercise can be taken up by anybody at almost any age, it is very easy to take up, and has a great many rewards to it. It vastly improves self confidence, provides numerous health benefits, and enhances the overall quality of life.