Combining exercise with a healthy diet

Combining Exercise with a Healthy Diet

As more and more individuals are getting aware of the importance of a sound fitness plan to keep themselves healthy, what is often neglected is the importance of integrating a proper diet, alongside exercise, whether it is yoga, running, cycling or pilates. In an age where it has become increasingly easy and convenient to locate vending machines filled with highly non-nutritious foods, people do not realize that their diets are inhibiting their abilities to overcome particular fitness thresholds.

Going for an extreme diet is unhealthy

Nowadays, there are a variety of diets on the Internet promising significant weight loss. However, extensive research into health and fitness has found that many of these diets do in fact work in managing weight, but do so in an unhealthy and unsustainable way. One of the primary causes for weight gain boils from inactivity. If you undertake a diet without combining it with any form of exercise, you will end up shedding muscle rather than fat. Conversely, performing strength training exercises involving weights may allow individuals to build lean muscle, that will eventually make no difference to their scale weights.

Avoid health complications

The challenge lies in creating a sustainable balance between the two. By eating right, your body will be able to heal and repair itself at faster rates so that you can continue to exercise without risking injuries, or other cardio-vascular conditions. Your diet has a direct effect on the amount of energy you have over the course of the day, and conversely the level of fatigue you experience. Moreover, by allowing your body to receive the right nutrients, you ultimately reduce the long-term health risks stemming from hypertension, particular forms of cancer and heart disease.

Another way in which proper diets benefit exercising individuals comes in the form of insulin sensitivity. The body requires insulin to break down foods and its nutrient compositions. The production of insulin is crucial in ensuring reduced weight gain. Insulin is a critical chemical in keeping one's metabolism high, and reducing the likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes.

Energy expenditure

Controlling your caloric intake will also make a massive difference to your health. Your body's energy expenditure essentially dictates the manner in which your body burns calories. As proper diets are integrated, you will realize that you can begin to eat more while still managing to stave off excess weight. On the other hand, you may also find that you will only need to reduce your caloric consumption minimally to lower your weight. Exercising with proper diets means that muscle content in the body will rise in comparison to fat. Since muscles use more fuel than fat, you will ultimately gain a huge physiological advantage in your daily life.