Exercise every day to keep bad moods at bay

We all know that daily exercise is important. But what's not so well-remembered is that it isn't just a method to lose weight. Exerting oneself physically has a lot of benefits. One such benefit of exercising is that it helps in reducing negative moods.

Exercising releases endorphins

Endorphins are hormones most commonly associated with blocking or reducing pain. By performing this function, endorphins consequently cause feelings of well-being and euphoria. When we exercise, we're actually straining our muscles - which cause pain. But as this pain is tolerable, we can usually continue the physical exertion for some time. This is when our body releases endorphins to block the pain so as to allow us to continue the exertion. This release from pain, in turn, starts causing in us a sense of well-being and happiness.

Release for pent-up energy

Thanks to the endorphin release that happens while exercising, mental stress is also reduced. In fact, for a long time now, many people have been finding solace in a run or a jog when they feel pressured.

Mental stress in a person usually makes them exhausted, edgy and wound up with worry. These feelings often result in our muscles tensing up and our adrenalin levels spiking - which is what keeps us on edge. Exercising treats this in reverse. It forces the adrenalin and pent-up energy to be used up in the physical activity, which allows the muscles to relax and, in consequence, allows our mind to relax as well.

Exercise helps counter sleeplessness

Ever went to bed very tired and then stayed up hours tossing and turning, staring up at the ceiling unable to sleep? Well, one reason might be that you're not tired enough. In our current labor-avoiding culture, we are constantly pushing our brains, straining ourselves to do a whole lot of jobs mentally - without actually doing much physically.

Now, what happens when you try to sleep may be one of two things: One, your mind may still be wound up and causing your energy levels to spike, forcing you to stay awake. Or else, even though you're mentally tired, your physical body may not have any reason to need or want sleep because you did nothing with it.

In both cases, exercising would help. For it would not only use up any pent-up energy, but would also tire out your body enough to help you relax both mentally and physically. However, do take care to exercise earlier in the day, hours before you sleep. Try it, and you can say goodbye to those frequent grumpy mornings!