How music can help you live a healthier life

Music is an integral part of our life. Be it while driving towards work, traveling somewhere, or spending some free time, we find ourselves attracted towards listening to our favorite music. It not only puts us in a good mood, but, according to various researches, also keeps us healthy.

Here are some of the health benefits music provides:

  • Chronic back pain: Music helps with the pain of autonomic nervous system which is responsible for managing heartbeat, blood pressure, brain function, and limbic system. A research suggests that the autonomic nervous system reacts sensitively to music. Also, listening to slow beats releases the stress built in neck, back, and shoulder muscles. According to Franz Wendtner, a clinical psychologist, listening to slow music daily for 25 minutes can avoid back pain and help you to sleep better. Classical music is the perfect music to help relieve back pain.
  • Improved workout: According to experts, music helps to improve your workout in many ways. They suggest that listening to music enhances your endurance, improves your mood, and distracts you from any uneasiness you might have felt during your workout session. Various studies suggest that listening to music while working out releases Endorphin, which motivates us to indulge in longer workout sessions.
  • Memory loss: Region of our brain that processes music is situated next to memory. Due to this, people suffering from memory loss can remember songs or melodies just by listening to music. Research has suggested that the best music for people with memory loss is the one they choose to listen.
  • Improves sleep: According to a research, relaxing music helps you to sleep at night. If you have sleeping problems, the ideal music to listen to will be a relaxing classical music.
  • Reduce stress: Listening to good music is a great way to reduce stress. According to a study, nearly a third people listened to music so that they could improve their mood when stressed because of work.
  • Focus: Music helps us to focus more when we are working on a lengthy task. It makes our brain to produce certain brain waves that make us more alert.

Different kinds of music induce different health benefits. For example, fast music is good while working out, whereas relaxing music helps to de-stress. But more importantly, it gives optimal results when you listen to the music of your choice.