Indulge in the five elements to enhance your health and sense of well-being

The elements are the basic building blocks of nature. Here's how you can use them to make yourself look and feel great!

Earth: Ground yourself

Symbolically, "earth" represents stability and "home"; it is - quite literally - the ground on which we stand. So connect with the simplest representations of nature. Maintain a little garden, even if it's just a little thing in a small cardboard box sitting on your kitchen window-sill. Go take a walk in a park, or even in just a lane lined with trees. These are feasts and are extremely therapeutic.

Fire: Get heated

Go take a run. Or lift weights. Basically, just exercise. Sweat. Get your blood pumping and your body temperature to rise. The heat will open your pores. The perspiration will cleanse them. The blood circulating in your body will release vitamins and hormones that are often dormant to make you feel like a million dollars!

Air: The breath of life

Recent studies show that we aren't breathing enough. Our lungs are getting enough to live, but certainly not enough to reap better benefits for our bodies. Our current lifestyle often puts a big restriction on how much we sleep in a day. And that's when most of our deep breathing happens. So when you cut down on sleep, you're actually cutting down on your oxygen intake. This is why breathing exercises are important.

Water: Your natural state

Evolution theories state that life first began in water. It also makes up a majority of our body content; and it covers the major part of the Earth's. So, drink lots of water. Even better, spend more time near and in water instead of just drinking it. For other than cooling you down, it also hydrates your skin and keeps you looking fresh naturally.

And finally: Spirit

Spend some "me" time with yourself every two days. This is as essential as sleep so don't prioritize it as the very last thing on your list! Pick up a hobby that you've always wanted to do; simply spend time doing things you love. Stress is an enemy to both your health and beauty. But unfortunately, it is often an unavoidable part of our lives. So instead of bemoaning it, you'll need to counteract it by making sure you keep yourself happy too!