Making time for exercise in your busy schedule

Being fit is one of the priorities in today's lifestyle, but exercising daily is a habit that is hard to acquire. It is even harder when you have a busy work schedule. But once you get used to exercising, it can do wonders for you on many levels.

Making time

  • Workout efficiently: Choose the type of workout that can be done anywhere. It shouldn't require much preparation and you should be able to accomplish it, whether you are on your way to the office or going home from the office. Tabata training, running, and body weight exercises are the perfect options for this form of workout.
  • Choose according to your likes and dislikes: Maybe you favor certain kinds of exercise and you don't like other kinds of exercise. That's okay, you can go for which exercise you like. Make sure to choose the kind of workout that suits your personality, lifestyle, and taste. Not sure which one you like? Then try out some exercises until you find what fits you best.
  • Competition as motivation: When it comes to the body, you will always find someone who is in a better physical shape than you are. Take it as a competition, and use that competition as a motivation to do better. Set a goal and work away. You will be surprised how much and how fast it will benefit you.
  • Be committed to your schedule: We tend to make excuses for things that are of less priority. Same goes for exercising. We don't make it a priority and hence we make excuses not to do it. Make a schedule and stick to it by constantly reminding yourself that working out is a task of high priority.
  • Measure your activity: Track your workout sessions. Make a note in the calendar on a daily basis. Combine your exercise sessions on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to keep track of your activity and to identify your areas of improvement. This will help you to realize early on whether you're losing habit of exercising.

It is always possible to find time to workout no matter how busy you are. There are many successful working professionals out there who, despite of a busy work schedule, are living a healthy lifestyle. Find your own way to do it and never settle for less than feeling fit and healthy.