Yoga and all round development

One of the most common mistakes that many health and fitness professionals make when training individuals stems from a symptomatic treatment of conditions. For example, if a person is seen to be overweight, a trainer will automatically create a workout that is intensely focused on weight loss, rather than muscle building. On the other hand, if a person's goal is to increase strength, their workouts might fore-go a flexibility component.

One of the primary reasons why the practice of Yoga has become so popular within Canada today, is because it involves a holistic approach to health and fitness. Most people think that performing yoga is all about particular 'asanas' or postures, and as such is only associated with improving strength and flexibility. However, the reality is far more complex. Let us take a look at some effects of yoga that you may not have been aware of.

Higher levels of immunity

Studies have found that people who perform yoga on a regular basis benefit from higher than average levels of immunity. Yoga, essentially changes the way cells regenerate and grow on a genetic level. Yoga involves a number of breathing techniques which allow for increased blood circulation within the body.

Improves sleep

Yoga has also been known to improve the quality of sleep that individuals experience. The effects of yoga on sleep patterns will become noticeable within only two months of undertaking it. Yoga is believed to give relief from health conditions like insomnia. Moreover, individuals who are recovering from radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatments have also been known to use yoga to ease their fatigue levels.

Controlling food intake

Since yoga has much to do with holistic bodily preparation, it involves striking a balance between the body and the mind. Studies have indicated that yoga is innately linked with an individual's eating habits. Performing yoga regularly has helped individuals control their food cravings. As such, certain emotions related to hunger can be managed, controlled and manipulated through a number of meditation techniques involved in the practice of yoga.

Relief from stress

Finally, yoga has also been known to be a great panacea for stress. Simply performing a few meditation activities in the morning has helped many individuals become more in touch with themselves and their bodies. These techniques have proven extremely effective in detoxifying the body both on a physiological and psychological level. These days, yoga is also used as part of a therapy to improve psychological ailments.