Five reasons to try pilates

Do you wish to lose weight? Do you feel the holiday season has got you all bloated up? Perhaps you are tired of your usual cardio routine and need something different to keep you motivated about working out. We give you five reasons why you should include Pilates in your fitness regime.

1. Weight loss

If you are looking to lose weight, Pilates should certainly be on your list. It may seem simple and easy to look it, but Pilates makes your sweat by increasing your heartbeat rate. The more you practice and the higher levels you reach, the greater will be your weight loss. Instead of depriving your body of food, it is better to indulge in some Pilates and keep your body fit.

2. Tighter and stronger core

Most people aim to lose stomach flab when they sign up for weight loss programs. If you wish to get a tighter core, you should certainly try Pilates. It targets your abdominal and pelvic region. The result? A fitter, slimmer and attractive-looking you! Let's not forget that with a fit body comes boosted confidence. Pilates, in fact not just targets your core, but focuses on the whole body. So unlike the workout routines where different exercises targeting only a few regions like the abs or legs, Pilates benefits your whole body. It fives you a full-body workout, giving you a proportionate structure.

3. Energy booster

If you have tried cardio or yoga, you might have noticed an energy boost soon after the end of the workout session. Pilates gives you that, and much more. It increases your blood circulation, which in turn leads to easier breathing. Your whole body opens up as your muscles feel stimulated with relaxed breathing, thereby making you feel energetic for longer. Even practicing Pilates 2-3 days a week is said to help boost your energy levels.

4. Flexibility

Do you always envy those flexible dancers who move as if they do not have any bones in their body? Well, Pilates cannot guarantee that, but it can certainly help you with improved flexibility. You can combine it with yoga for quicker and improved results.

5. Better posture

Pilates improves your posture. It includes a lot of stretching and balancing. Several moves aim at lengthening and straightening the spine, which improves your balance as well as posture. Did you know that a good posture can make you look up to five to ten pounds thinner?

Apart from that, Pilates helps alleviate back pain and makes you look younger than your age. Now, who wouldn't want to benefit from Pilates? Join a Pilates class in Vancouver to get fit and healthy in no time!