Five ways to make running fun

If you have ever made an attempt to get fit, you might have tried running. It is great - it gets every muscle of your body into action and refreshes you. However, sticking to the same routine can get monotonous and it can happen with running too. If you have not been enjoying running as much as you did earlier, here are five tips for you to make the effective exercise pleasurable again.

1. Hit the right chord!

To begin with, create a playlist with the most energetic and inspiring songs. Music is among the biggest motivators. We give you the complete freedom here - pick out any song you love. If you include both fast-paced and slow tracks in the play-list, you can probably alter your running speed accordingly. Just keep running though!

2. Don't always rely on the treadmill

Treadmills are great when you are in a hurry and do not have much time to exercise. If it's cold or windy outside, which is not uncommon in Canada, you can always run on your treadmill. However, when it is not, why not run to get some fresh air? The fresh breeze cooling down your sweaty body will boost your further to run an extra mile. Remember at the end of the day every mile counts!

3. Get a buddy

It is always motivating to have someone run with you. Get a friend involved with you in the task to make it fun. Compete, challenge each other and be supportive. It's always good to have a running buddy so that if any day you feel less motivated, he/she can drag you to the running track.

4. Prop it up!

If you do not have health-conscious friends, you need not sulk over it in a corner. Instead let a prop be your new fitness friend. It could be a Frisbee or basketball. Kick, dribble the ball or toss the Frisbee ahead and try to catch it. Just a few tosses and you will be sweating it out!

5. Set a rewarding goal

Running may not seem fun if you are not rewarded for it at the end. Set a goal - say 5-10 rounds of the running track or park. Treat yourself with a healthy snack once you reach the goal and you will stay motivated to run. Or better reward yourself with that silk top you have been long-eying or contribute some amount toward the skirt that needs you to get two sizes smaller. If nothing, just pamper yourself with a day at a spa!

No matter what, stay determined and keep running.