How to combine yoga and physiotherapy for better recovery

Yoga and physiotherapy have already been proven to be helpful in making the body supple, joints flexible and improve overall health. They are also extensively used as therapy for patients recuperating from injuries or illnesses. What if these two healing and therapy techniques were combined? If you are wondering how to combine them and what are their benefits, then read on to find out.

What is Yoga and physiotherapy all about?

Yoga is an ancient Indian school of thought dating back to around the 5th century BCE. It is a practice to improve physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. It can be found in teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The most popular forms of yoga today focus on asanas or postures, pranayama or breathing and meditation techniques that can be followed by everyone on a daily basis. It is sometimes seen as an alternative healing technique for acute and chronic illnesses. You ideally need to learn Yoga from a certified teacher to get maximum benefits out of it, and practice it at home later.

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that deals with recovery from impairment or injury by increasing mobility as well as functionality of various parts of the body. It involves procedures like examination, diagnostics, evaluation and actual therapy. There are other aspects like prevention, education and research as well that are included under the term physiotherapy. It may be used by itself or in combination with other therapies and mediation for aiding recovery.

Combining the two healing techniques - Benefits


Often, physiotherapists may conduct sessions for patients at the hospital and teach them exercises that can be performed at home on a regular basis. These exercises are usually either similar to asanas taught in Yoga. Since they both are healing techniques that do not take the help of medicines but only use physical therapy, they can be easily combined for better results. Combining these two techniques would essentially mean bringing together modern medical science and ancient wisdom.

Benefits of the combination:

  • Improves flexibility, mobility, muscle and bone strength
  • Reduces stress and helps sleep better
  • Increases concentration and confidence
  • Improves digestion, immunity and body posture
  • Leads to overall fitness

If you are looking for recovery and healing treatments in Vancouver, there are a number of clinics and studios that combine these two techniques to give you a wholesome healing experience.