Reasons to take up cycling

Cycling is amongst the most popular recreational activities in the world. It is also a very easy way to stay fit. Cycling can easily be added to your daily routine as it is also a mode of transport. It is one of those low impact exercises that go easy on your muscle joints. This is the best way to achieve cardiovascular fitness and also helps you get in shape.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking up cycling, for fun or for fitness:

Cycling for fitness

It takes only 2-4 hours a week of regular cycling to achieve a considerable health improvement. Here are a few benefits of cycling from fitness point of view :

  • Easy : Unlike other athletic activities or training regimes, cycling does not require any high level skill set to get going.
  • Low-impact : It doesn't put your joints under much strain. Also, you are less prone to injuries while cycling.
  • Increases strength and stamina.
  • Controllable intensity : Cycling can be as intense as you want it to be. You can start your training with low speed pedaling and shift to high demand workout later.
  • Time-efficient : Instead of sitting idle, you can use cycling to go from one place to another and stay fit while you travel! Two tasks - done at a time.

Cycling for health

Cycling is considered to be a complete exercise in every manner. It is an aerobic exercise and also increases your body temperature which improves your overall health. The health benefits of cycling :

  • Improved joint motility.
  • Better posture and body coordination.
  • Improved muscle strength.
  • Anxiety and stress level reduction.
  • Bone strengthening.
  • Better cardiovascular health.

Cycling for some health-specific issues

  • Cardiovascular disease : Regular cycling improves your heart and lungs. It also reduces body fat levels and betters blood circulation. These factors work together in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Obesity : Cycling raises your metabolism rate and that helps you to control or lose weight. However, cycling must be combined with healthy eating habits to achieve the best possible results. You can burn around 300 calories in an hour of steady cycling everyday.
  • Cancer : Researchers have studied that cycling reduces the chance of bowel cancer. There is also a lower risk of breast cancer if you cycle regularly.
  • Mental health : Cycling can help you a lot when it comes to reducing mental stress levels. Because of the enjoyment that it provides, it can certainly lower your anxiety levels too.