Top four places to go running in vancouver

Vancouver is a coastal city in Canada that is as diverse as a city can get. It is a metro that has been ranking high year after year in city livability surveys. It encourages fitness among its citizens with all the running, walking and hiking trails available all over the city and on its outskirts. Its moderate temperature through the year makes it ideal for outdoor activities, running being one of popular ones. Here is our pick of the four best running routes in the city, which you can explore, so that you get fit and learn more about the city in the process.

Top four running routes in Vancouver

The list is a mix of trail running as well as city running routes so it caters to runners of all kinds. These routes are safe, scenic and will encourage you to keep going and pushing yourself to your limits.

  • Stanley Park Seawall - It is a wonderful scenic route running alongside the ocean. It is flat for the most part and is doable for runner of all kinds. You can also go exploring into the over 1,000 acres of the park if the seawall is not for you.
  • Burnbay Lake - For those living in the suburbs, this is a great option. If you are looking at easy trail running, this is a perfect track for that. It is a relatively flat trail and suitable for those just starting off with trail running to get in some practice before heading to more difficult terrains.
  • Jericho Beach to Spanish Banks - If you fancy running alongside the sea and ultimately finishing your run on the beach, this is the perfect route for you. You can choose to start or finish your run at the beach. Make sure that you know what beach running is like and the precautions to take if you choose this route.
  • Crown Mountain - This trail is especially for pro runners who like taking on challenging terrains. The route is also called the Hanes Valley Loop. You start at the Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, head to Norvan Falls and then towards the valley to finally summit the Crown Mountain.

Before deciding on a route, make sure you check the details well to ascertain that the route offers you the running style that you are looking for. Also, once you choose a route, either have it printed out or loaded on your smartphone, especially for the trail runs. It will ensure that you do not lose your way and, even if you do, you know how to get back on track.