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Rejuvenate Mind Body Nutrition

36061 Spyglass Crt., Abbotsford

Phone: 778 808-3864



I am a holistic nutrition health counsellor, coach and fitness trainer. I educate and focus on bio-individuality -- the specific needs of each person regarding nutrition, health and wellness Our primary foods create the foundation for a stronger, healthier body. They are the full circle of life. Relationships, spirituality, exercise, joy, love, work, hobbies -- they feed our minds, our hearts and souls, creating balance in our lives. When we have balance with these building blocks, nutrition becomes our secondary food, supplying our bodies with what we need. I work with individuals as well as groups to construct a plan, examining nutritional needs, lifestyle, and fitness goals. As your nutrition coach, I will help you to distinguish your specific nutritional needs which help you attain a healthier, happier and leaner body.

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