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Bee 3 fitness is all about nourishing performance. Using a holistic approach to your sport performance, wellness and lifestyle goals. I believe in functional movement workouts and efficient use of your valuable time.\r\n\r\nI can guide you to your fitness, sport performance or nutritional goals. Together we will make a plan that suits your lifestyle while still pushes you towards your desired outcome.

Posaitive Life Health & Nutrition

5730 132A St., Surrey

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Business hours - M-F 2-8 PM Service description :

Bijal is a Nutrition consultant, media personality, registered dietitian and the founder owner of Posaitive Life | Posaitive Enterprises Ltd, a thriving private practice focused on weight & chronic disease management on a mission to empower individuals to eat their way to good health through customized nutritional advice.

Bijal has a passion for nutrition with her entire career focused on enabling Canadians to achieve their weight loss goals, the healthy way. With a first degree in Medicine (M.B.B.S) from Bombay, India and a Masters in Nutrition from UK, Bijal has a unique portfolio and has led a huge number of clients over the last decade to lose many pounds of unwanted fat and keep it off.

Media - Bijal has been featured in various media channels including the Harpreet Singh Show (JOY TV), Omni TV news health segment (OMNI TV), BC Round up (Zee TV Canada), Harjinder Thind show (RED FM), Tajjinder Nijjer Show (Sher-e-Punjab, BCIT broadcast, Darpan magazine and many more..

At Posaitive Life, Bijal's focus is on personalised nutrition services that blend whole food nutrition, activity & lifestyle education designed to build healthy habits and achieve optimum health and well-being.

Her services focus on customized Nutrition advice for

[A]Weight Management
- Weight loss / Fat loss
- Weight gain, muscle gain

[B] Management of chronic degenerative conditions:
- Diabetes (High blood sugar)
- Dyslipidemia ( High cholesterol)
- Hypertension (raised blood pressure)

[C] Management of hormonal imbalance:
- PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome)
- Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid)

[D] Optimum eating for better health & energy, mood - Eat right for life

Services include
(1) Personalized nutrition advice : One-on-one consultations, education, coaching, guidance an

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